J&F Poulton Security provides a comprehensive range of Closed Circuit TV Surveillance cameras and Digital Recorders. Dependent on the project needs, environment and budget involved, we are able to design, install and maintain the correct system for any situation.

The effectiveness of a CCTV surveillance system depends greatly on the quality and performance of the camera used, and as such, every effort should be made to ensure that the camera selected is the right one for the job. It should be reliable and be adaptable to suit differing conditions.

J&F Poulton Security will plan and design a system to deal with your specific problems choosing cameras and lenses with the correct technical specifications.

Cameras need to be sited in secure areas and protected from vandalism with housings or cages suitable for the conditions.

All sound complicated? No need to worry - just contact us for a free security review and one of our security experts will listen to your needs and advise you on which is the best product solution for your particular security requirements.